9 Sensational movies every martial arts fan will love

There are very few things that are as enjoyable as martial arts films. Even if you skip a whole half of the movie, you will still be glued to your couch till the end. The plots might be awful but you will find yourself anticipating the next brilliantly choreographed fight scene. Hey, the awesome combat scenes are worth it and the roundhouse kicks are enough to qualify them as great popcorn movies.

Tony Jaa in Ong Bak posing with a martial arts stance

The Best Martial Art Films 

We’re talking movies that will have you re-enacting the fight scenes and almost breaking your mother’s favorite vase while you’re at it. Here they are:

1. IP Man

The fight sequences in this movie are so devastatingly brilliant that you will want to enroll and begin training for Wing Chun when the credits begin rolling. In this film, Donnie Yen plays the man who was an actual mentor to Bruce Lee; he portrays the soft-spoken and unpredictably badass fighter when it comes to sparring. 

This movie isn’t just a worthy watch but it’s also a great tribute to the real IP Man and a historic look at the conditions in Southern China during his time in the 30s. Plus, anyone who made Bruce Lee into the legend we know now is definitely worth exploring.

2. Hero

As awesome as Jet Li can be, most of his martial arts films tend to fall short for us. Hero, however, is one particular exception (along with another deserving mention – Once Upon a Time in China). The very first thing you will notice while watching this movie is how exceptionally beautiful it is. 

The choreographed fights and the overall cinematography of the movie are simply stunning. So much so, that you will find yourself hypnotized by the number of arrows flying towards you instead of fearing the end. 

3. Enter the Dragon

It would be really devastating if we didn’t include this legendary movie and its legend star in our list for the best martial arts films ever. While some of you would like to see Fist of Fury (The Chinese Connection) here, we have our own reasons for including Enter the Dragon on this list. 

Is it because of the story? Hell no. Does it feature Bruce Lee completely destroying an army of evil-doers single-handedly? Hell yeah! For this fact alone, it would be near-blasphemous to not include this movie here.

4. Ong-Bak

Most people flip past this film when they come across it playing on the television. But, trust us; it deserves at least one viewing at your movie nights. Anyone of the brutal kicks in this movie may actually have you checking your jaw for a potential dislocation. 

This movie mostly features a brutal form of Muay Thai, making it a particularly standout film. Ong-Bak is the result of a singular vision from contemporary martial artist Tony Jaa.

5. Brotherhood of the Wolf

Whenever someone mentions a French movie, the very first thing that comes to mind is an artsy drama or a passionate romance. We never think of martial arts, do we? Well, the Brotherhood of the Wolf isn’t a martial arts film per se but it is also not any other kind of movie. All we know is that this movie is a piece of work when it comes to serious martial arts sequences. 

The Brotherhood of the Wolf is an extremely watchable film; you’ll find yourself immersed in the story and its action sequences in no time. It’ll definitely get your adrenaline pumping. We promise you that this hi-octane action movie is nothing like you have ever seen before!

6. 13 Assassins 

13 Assassins is truly a treat for all samurai movie fans because of all its strategy, scheming, kickass battles and the classic David vs. Goliath storyline. Unlike most martial arts films, this movie proved to be a treat for moviegoers as well because there is an engaging storyline coupled with brilliant action sequences. 

7. The Man from Nowhere

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine whether a movie is a pure martial arts flick because it involves a lot of gunfights too. Well, The Man from Nowhere walks this fine line and we have 2 very good reasons to include this among our list of martial arts films

Firstly, the martial arts sequences in this move can only be described as unbelievably awesome. Secondly, there is a fight which involves an eyeball in a jar; we’ll just leave it at that.

8. Kung Fu Hustle

Since the time of Jackie Chan, martial arts films realized that these flicks don’t have to be dead-serious. However, we have reached the point where some of these films aren’t serious at all. Kung Fu Hustle is one of those movies that made us realize that we have come a long way from those Bruce Lee flicks.

Kung Fu Hustle is so absurd and ridiculous that you might actually miss how epic its fight sequences are. If you’ve enjoyed “Shaolin Soccer”, you’ll enjoy this film’s action sequences and humor. 

9. Kill Bill Vol. 1

We are now listing contemporary martial arts films that don’t fit the tropes. So, it made sense that we included this particular movie. Not only does this movie have a very ambitious screenplay, but this is the only movie on our list that has a lead role played by a female protagonist. Other than this, you may actually come across some fight sequences that involve a nonstick frying pan. This wouldn’t come as surprise once you realize this movie is from director Quentin Tarantino who is also a martial arts movie aficionado!

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