The Greatest Benefits of Practicing BJJ Early In the Morning

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Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) has seen its popularity soar in recent times. You will find a lot of people these days opting for dedicated Brazilian jiu jitsu gyms for their fitness needs. While Brazilian jiu jitsu is primarily a combat sport and a grappling art that teaches you effective self defense when done right, there’s more to it. The BJJ training is arduous; it demands a lot of things from you besides the will to learn some of the coolest self defense techniques. However, in return, it offers a number of benefits to your health—both physical and mental. Fortunately, those benefits are compounded if you’re doing your BJJ practice early in the morning. 

Here, we have put together some of the most useful benefits of practicing jiu jitsu early in the morning.

An Aerobic Workout Early Morning

The most obvious benefit of practicing such intense physical activity in the morning is that you’re getting your daily dose of cardio out of it. Most people hate cardio; it’s dull, drab, and monotonous, but cardio has important health benefits that you do not want to miss out on. The folks at Mayo Clinic even vouch for the efficacy of regular aerobic sessions. An early morning aerobic session has a plethora of health benefits for you. From serving your fitness needs to keeping your heart strong, it does it all. BJJ training early morning is a great way to squeeze some cardio into your schedule.

Improves Flexibility

Jiu jitsu demands a lot from your body. The primary focus of this combat sport is on pinning your opponent to the ground and making them submit using any of several choke or the joint holds. All these different chokes and grappling moves will call for your body to be put into positions that will literally stretch it beyond its comfort zone. The moves and the techniques will not come easy to you as you start off. For example, some moves such as the “rubber guard,” which is a slight variation of an “open guard” will have you using your arm and shin to control your opponent. 

It will take substantial amounts of practice and stretching exercises that will build you up to be able to perform all these moves over time. Practicing the sport early morning will have you perform all those stretches and mobility drills early in the morning and set you up for the day.

Reduces Stress

Practicing BJJ first thing in the morning helps you manage stress in a number of ways. Regularly practicing jiu jitsu will ensure that your physique is in top shape. Looking at yourself in the mirror after your session every morning will help keep the stress at bay. Furthermore, intense aerobic activity such as BJJ helps release more dopamine into your system which works to counter stress and depression.

The basic philosophy of BJJ demands a certain level of control on your impulses and thoughts. When you practice BJJ every morning, you are reminded of the philosophy and it leaves you with a greater control over your mind. This way, you’re also more resilient in the face of stressful situations for the rest of the day.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Early morning aerobics such as BJJ are known to have an extremely positive impact on your cardiac health and help lower your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, this is the sport you should take up and practice early morning.

Better Sleep

A number of people suffer from sleep disorders. Others are not able to get a good night’s sleep due to the stress that we all are exposed to in the current environment. If you have trouble going to sleep every night, a BJJ practice session early in the morning is the healthiest fix for it. This particular martial art forces you to develop mind-body coordination and allows you to calm yourself easily and at cue. Furthermore, the grappling art calls for a balanced training and workout sessions that include strength training, aerobics, flexibility, and mobility drills etc. Such intense, yet balanced exercise at the start of the day is perfect recipe for a sound sleep at the end of the day. A recent study backs this assertion where the participants that performed early morning exercises slept the best and deepest.

You Will Be Happier and More Productive Throughout the Day

You will be happier throughout your day and more productive at work if you start off your day with a BJJ session early in the morning. The intense activity early on in the day jolts you out of your slumber. Your mind is working at its top capacity as it is forced to be looking out for the opponent’s moves and simultaneously thinking of ways to pin them down. In addition to the release of dopamine induced by the intense activity that BJJ is, the practice is also said to release a hormone called oxytocin which contributes to creating an experience of fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction.

Besides, health and productivity and go hand in hand. You can’t hope to do much in life if you struggle to catch your breath after taking the stairs. It is no coincidence that most business leaders are often the fittest of their lot as recently pointed out in a Forbes article.

Burn More Fat

There are a number of studies that confirm that cardio on an empty stomach is more beneficial when it comes to burning fat. It can help you to burn 20% as found in a nutritional study.

To sum up, an early morning BJJ session is the most efficient way to pack a liberating and refreshing full body workout to your daily routine. It does not only work your body, but helps you work you mind as well and leaves you ready to take on the world for the day.

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John Porter

John is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt and founder of Livermore Supply Co. When not training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, John enjoys learning languages, traveling to the warm parts of the world, and photography. Outside of Livermore Supply Co., John has a career in the technology field.

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