Tips To Train BJJ While Traveling

Work, family, and vacation can put a monkey wrench in your BJJ training plan. Trust me I know. Below is a video of my first BJJ competition in 2013 and last for about 4 years. Life put a screeching halt to my BJJ training. I made many mistakes in my first competition and I never returned to improve unfortunately

I wouldn't see the mats again until I moved across the country to California where I found my new home and BJJ Family at Soulfighters - Zmata. I still work like crazy, still travel, still face the hurdles life throws at me, but now I don't make BJJ gear goes with me, even on vacation!

In this article we'll discuss how to keep up with you BJJ training plan while traveling frequently and/or abroad.

Training abroad in martial arts is complicated and confusing at times, but it does not have to be. Staying organized and planning your days goes a long way to developing in the martial arts. Here are some tips for practical training while traveling that will have you coming home with a more advanced belt each time.


Make a routine and stick to it.


Routines are essential both at home and abroad. Training and improving at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while traveling is not always easy, but the most significant fault for failure to practice is believing it impossible in your current circumstances.

While you may not have access to a local gym or trainer, that does not stop you from training at home. It is likely you have no equipment, but the first step would be to set aside time each day for training and practice.

While making your routine, it is crucial to support a proper sleep schedule, diet, and activity level. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and martial arts at large are malleable and with some creativity can be trained even while away from your gym.

A routine is crucial because not only will it help each day in practicing and training but furthermore will create a solid sense of dedication and commitment essential to success in any art form. A routine will help your body to prepare and recover from laborious exercise, and you will develop each day by abiding by the method you have created.


Online Resources


A gym is important, but not vital to training in martial arts. Any online web search will provide practitioners with extensive online training programs. i.e. all the free content on YouTube, BJJ Fanatics, and etc.

I do believe that if you use any of these resources it's best to communicate with your professor to clarify what you see in these videos. Seeing is one thing and performing the move safely and correctly is another. 

Some resources may not be specific to Jiu-Jitsu, but resources for building muscle, stamina, and mental power are still essential and helpful. These will help develop your craft abroad and will not only improve your fighting skills in BJJ but will help you grow personally and as a BJJ practitioner.

Weights are not necessary. Science has shown repeatedly that bodyweight training is the best method for physical development related to your body type and goals. YouTube offers unlimited resources on new and unique exercises and programs to develop yourself into a better, stronger BJJ practitioner.

If you're a "digital nomad", you surely have computer expertise as well as the will to develop your Jiu Jitsu if you're reading this. Sometimes it is hard to find motivation but connecting with these services throws you among those in similar situations which you can network with and even meet during your travels.

Numerous times I've casually mentioned I train BJJ and found out the person I'm talking to does as well, and we've ended up training, or I got an invite to their gym.

Training partners are an excellent motivator to support commitment, and odds are they can also teach you the skills and techniques you have never heard of before.


Mental training.


Martial arts are not 100% physical. A substantial portion of techniques are also reliant on perseverance and motivation. When a physical workout or training is not a possibility, make sure to consider other ways to develop your craft. Pick up a book, who knows what you will uncover. I like to mentally visualize techniques, it can help.

In your free time, make sure to indulge in what they have to offer. Practicing breathing, meditation, self-control, and restraint will not only help you master BJJ as a martial artist but will relieve stress and anxiety while promoting a developed and efficient fighting mind and body.

Do not relegate yourself to the gym or a single workout routine. Branch out and read about other martial arts to see what they have to offer to home in on your fighting technique and prowess. Always being on the move does make training more difficult, but that does not mean you cannot finish your travels multiple times better than when you set out.


At home/hotel Workouts


Working out at home or in your hotel is important too. Too long without exercise and the muscles begin to break down and weaken. Traveling makes this more difficult, but if you have some free time and a vacant area you can do an endless number of body weight exercises. Furthermore, you could even use weights if you have a neighbor, friend, or acquaintance who has them.

Extreme workouts are not essential in this case, but if you can fit one in it comes highly recommended. Conditioning routines and programs can be found for free online. YouTube has much to offer, and you can even make your own that home in on the muscles groups and areas you want to target for your training.




Ask and you shall receive!


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While you are abroad and can do so, network! Meet people both online and in person. Humans have an endless supply of knowledge, just waiting for exploration. Why waste the opportunity if presented? It should not be hard to find a partner for training, simply search Facebook groups or Instagram.


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Meeting people will not only afford you limitless knowledge, but they have major benefits as well. You could tag along with a newly made friend to their local gym and meet other jiujitieros there on your days off. They may be able to bestow knowledge upon you that your friends from home would never receive without traveling abroad as well.


Networking is essential for business growth and personal growth. Try it and see what happens! Worst comes to worst you are where you started and have lost nothing. They may even have more tips to offer you for training abroad. You came here, didn’t you?


John Porter

John is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt and founder of Livermore Supply Co. When not training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, John enjoys learning languages, traveling to the warm parts of the world, and photography. Outside of Livermore Supply Co., John has a career in the technology field.

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