Top 10 Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Brands

If you’re looking to buy a new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi, you can easily get lost among the myriad of options today.  There are dozens of gi brands, and it can be hard to discern which brands are the best.  With that in mind, here are the 10 Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Brands, in no particular order.

Mainstream Brands



Tatami is a very established gi company that has one of the largest collections of gis in the world.  From basic Essential gi, to the higher-end Estilo, to the many special edition gis, Tatami has options to meet any grappler’s needs.



If you are looking for a starter gi, Fuji offers an excellent choice.  With a good price to quality ratio, you won’t go wrong by buying a Fuji gi.  Grapplers looking for a bit more can consider the higher priced options.



Gameness is another long running gi company that offers a decent variety of gi options.  The “classic” is another great starter gi at a lower price, and there are premium gis as well.

“Stand Apart” Brands



Based in the UK, Scramble features the Athlete, a highly acclaimed competition gi.  The Japanese influence gives a very cool aesthetic to this brand.  Though the prices are a bit higher, many will gladly pay a little extra for Scramble.

Inverted Gear

Inverted Gear Gi

Inverted Gear gis feature the iconic upside-down panda logo, a perhaps perfect representation of the art of jiu jitsu.  Inverted Gear gives a nod and a wink to the playful aspect of the sport.  When they ask you to join “Panda Nation”, it feels like a club worth joining.


Hyperfly BJJ Gi

Hyperfly is another brand that sponsors a lot of BJJ competitors.  They feature a large product line and some very cool and unique gi styles.  The branding is bold (“You Can’t Teach Heart”) and evokes non-BJJ sportswear companies.


With their slick Japanese inspired design, Hayabusa gis look fantastic. They reference samurai culture combined with a Peregrine falcon motif.  I just love the look of these – but they do cost more than a basic gi.


 Gold BJJ Gi

Gold claims their Aeroweave is the lightest gi on the market, and it has garnered some good reviews.  Though they are a newer brand, Gold is worth checking out as they appear to be rising quickly.

“One of a Kind” Brands


Shoyoroll BJJ Gi

This boutique brand only sells gis on special release date, so you must be online and ready to buy within minutes of the drop.  Like a hot concert ticket, these gis sell out within minutes.  (You can always try on eBay if you miss out – but watch for fakes.)  Shoyoroll became popular through elite athlete sponsorship combined with a stylish minimalist design.


Origin BJJ Gi

Origin stands apart from other brands, as it is the only gi that is wholly manufactured in the United States.  That methodology translates to outstanding craftmanship and quality, and the cost is not as high as you would think.




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